Tiffany Jeanette, MEd. Building parent-school partnerships to help children and youth thrive

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Tiffany is a public school Teacher Leader based in Eugene, Oregon. Her history in public
education spans two decades. For most of her career, Tiffany has functioned as a Teacher
Leader at the middle school and elementary school levels, Behavior Teacher Leader, PBIS
(Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports) Team Leader, and guest principal at a small public choice school. Tiffany is also the parent of two daughters who are navigating the world of public education from the student lens.

Tiffany completed her BS in Elementary Education, as well as her MEd. focused on Integrated Teaching Through the Arts. She has experiences working in regular ed. classrooms, in small groups with students considered At-Risk, and in grades K-9. Tiffany has completed the Administrative Licensure Program at the University of Oregon, and has her Legacy Teaching License and her Initial Administrator License. All of these experiences give Tiffany many opportunities to try and fail, and to develop data-driven resilience and a depth of compassion she brings to all aspects of her work.

Tiffany’s passion is developing a variety of support tools for educators and students, focused on healthy social-emotional development through standards-aligned lessons and structures. 

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