Lynda Hall, Director, Strategic Partnerships & Initiatives, Treehouse – Helping Youth Plan for Leaving Foster Care

Lynda Hall's Session Is Available Until Friday, February 15 @ 05 PM EST


Lynda leads a team that is uniquely committed to partnering with school systems, government agencies, caregivers, social workers, and funders to change the trajectory of kids in foster care by helping them make it to graduation day and launch into adulthood.

Lynda has held a variety of leadership roles with community based organizations, spanning a career of 20+ years. She established partnerships throughout Puget Sound, in Washington state, which led to the expansion of supplemental educational programs and provided basic necessities to the region’s youth, allowing them to focus on their education and personal development.

Lynda’s dedication and ability to lead cross-functional groups has led to improved outcomes for underserved youth in the Puget Sound region. Through her work Lynda has gained a deep understanding of what services and supports youth need to ease their transition out of foster care.

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