Leah Harris, Mother, Writer, Storyteller– Trauma is not destiny: Encouraging Post Traumatic Growth through Storytelling and Relationship

Leah Harris's Session Is Available Until Tuesday, February 12 @ 05 PM EST


Leah Harris is a mother, writer, and storyteller who views our health and well-being through an intersectional, feminist, and social justice lens. Her lived experiences of trauma, survivorship, and healing have informed her life’s work for nearly two decades. Since 2012, Leah has been a trainer and lecturer, working cross-systems to raise awareness about trauma and its impacts, and to promote trauma-informed approaches to care.

Leah is passionate about creative expression and supporting people who have faced adversities to share their truth and to reclaim their power. Leah is also a suicide awareness and prevention advocate whose story is featured in the feature-length documentary The S Word. She was the 2018 first-place winner of the American Association for Suicidology’s Paul G. Quinnett Lived Experience Writing Contest.

She is currently writing a book entitled The Story of Change, a personal and political reflection on the power of storytelling and how our narratives have the potential to help create a better world.

She can also be found sharing true stories live on stages in the Washington, DC area, and is a Life Stories Institute certified facilitator.

Learn more about her and her work at leahidaharris.com.

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