Aoife Magee, Ph.D. Skillfully Parenting Young Children with Special Needs and/or Developmental Trauma

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Dr. Magee earned a doctoral degree in Special Education from the University of Oregon Early Intervention Program. Her research and professional interests have been largely focused on the social-emotional development of young children and how positive parenting and teaching practices may contribute to healthy development, promote resiliency and mediate risk factors.

Aoife is an instructor, supervisor, consultant, and professional development specialist for students and practitioners in the areas of Early Childhood Education, Early Intervention/Early Childhood Special Education and Parenting Education. Aoife is a Master Trainer for the Oregon Registry and frequently provides community-based and private workshops for early childhood educators.

For 30 years, Aoife has worked with families as a service coordinator, interventionist, and parenting educator using strength-based models to foster strong parent-child relationships and improve family outcomes. Her work has included coaching individuals and facilitating groups of parents and caregivers. She serves the diverse needs of families from three main areas, 1) new parents eager to learn positive parenting strategies who are from the general population, 2) parents who have high stress or high-risk conditions (parents with intellectual disabilities, drug and alcohol recovery, prior incarceration, or young parents) and need targeted interventions, and 3) early intervention services for parents with children who experience special needs. Combining her background with families and interest in professional development, she has helped build the Oregon Parenting Education Professional Development System and Oregon Parenting Educators Network.

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